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21 Choices Matter: is instrumental in creating space for every area of opportunity by a designed 21 Daily Choices Challenge process. 

When you join the 21 Choice Matters Program of Coaching, we will design space in your life in four major areas.

"Pillar 1 - Choices"

Every choice you make influences your journey and makes a difference whether positive, neutral, or negative there will be a cause and effect from those “choices”. We use 21 Choices Daily to enhance your awareness of areas of improvement while creating consistent change and movement in your journey.

"Pillar 2 - Focus"

What you Focus on is what you become. We will align the desired result with focus so you can become clearly focused for success. Together we will learn areas of focus with purpose. Being focused on the right subjects creates more energy for the right areas.

"Pillar 3 - Balance"

Balance isn’t about giving every choice a percentage of your time to accomplish much, balance is about honoring the Choice with as much time as it needs to be complete and whole. Together we will apply balance driven task and tools to achieve more forward flow for a more complete outcome leaving no loose ends in your time.

"Pillar 4 - Capacity"

Do you know your capacity? are you overloaded and under supplied to your own desires and need? Together we will discover the how, why’s and when’s for more awareness of your authenticity and maximize who you truly are.

Working with Victoria has changed the trajectory of my life. She has helped me become aware of the lies and bondges that have held me hostage for most my life. She has been guiding me in taking small steps to get out of my own way and led God lead my life. Through working with Victoria I have allowed myself to let go of needing everything to be fixed in one quick fix. She has shown me that it is a process of making one choice at a time that leads to whole healing. And that I have a choice to think and act differently by not allowing myself to stay stuck in those lies. She has given me the confidence to choose to walk forward and feel the discomfort of each challenge that lies ahead. I am beyond thankful for her investment in my life.

- Nicki Parma

I met Victoria in 1998, when I was a 22 I met Victoria at a very difficult time in my life. I had strayed from God and as a result was suffering the consequences of an abusive marriage. I began attending a home Bible study in Victoria’s home. She took me under her wing and was gracious enough to invite me back for individual coaching. By God’s grace, she showed me love and compassion that I had never experienced before. She made me aware of the behaviors in my life that I needed to change and gently guided me towards a healthy relationship with God and others. Seven years later, I am still following God’s path and I am in a healthy marriage to a Christian man who loves me dearly. Victoria, through her own personal experiences, helped me in ways that no one else could have. She knew what I was going through, knew what I need ed and led me back to Christ. I thank God for her and I am grateful for the impact she has made in my life.

- Lisa Pankrazts

Van Damn Biz Card ver4a