I met Victoria in 1998, when I was a 22 years old pregnant waitress being transferred to the black Angus location, where she was the general manager. I was told she was one of the strictest managers in the area. She and I worked great together, until she was promoted and left our store. I eventually lost track of her and was told she had left the corporation. Many, many years later, I found her on Facebook, where I requested to be friends.

I stayed at Black Angus until 2008, when I left to pursue a full time office position. Unfortunately, the man I went to work for was a rich older man with severe narcissist personality disorder. I thought that since I had survive 13 years with a husband with the same condition, I could cope with the sexual-harassment‘s, and all the mind games and put downs, he played with me daily. I had 2 mini breakdowns during my total of 12 years there, but he always found a way to convince me to come back. By this time, the doctors had me on about 6+ different medication’s to try to help me with the major depression, severe anxiety, ADHD and insomnia along with horrific nightmares, when I did sleep, and many other side effects from the work place abuse along with lifelong trauma.

In early 2020, I had a full-blown breakdown and felt like I literally had no soul left. I was just a shell of who I once was. Dr’s said that my ability to regulate my emotions was gone. I felt I had lost all control of myself and went insane. I even had a psychiatrist hang up on me during our phone appointment, because she couldn’t handle my out of control reactive emotions. She wrote on the notes, I made her feel threatened. I really knew then I was no longer me, because all of my life everyone always said I was the sweetest, kindest person they had ever met. How did I get this crazy? and if the doctor’s can’t help me, who could? At this point I didn’t trust myself or much of anything. I cried and pleaded with God to help me, and could not understand how or why such a good God would let me suffer so deeply and refuse to let me die. I begged and pleaded daily for death, because the pain inside was more than I could bear. My mom killed herself in 2017 and I could not imagine my kids going through the pain this caused my heart. None of my doctors or therapist really knew what to do or even what my diagnosis actually was. Eventually, after lots of self studying, I ended up diagnosing myself with complex PTSD, and then they were able to confirm this diagnosis and change my treatment plan.

Then I lost my medical coverage and was being faced with no longer having my medication‘s, which my doctors all told me were going to be medically necessary for the rest of my life. They compared it to having a condition like epilepsy, my brain and nervous system was damaged and needed help balancing forever. I was terrified about what was going to happen, weaning myself off all of these antipsychotic medication‘s they had me on, without medical supervision. This is when something led me back to Victoria. I knew my last, and only hope of getting through this hell my life had become, was going to require a miracle from above and ALOT of Prayers. I would see Victoria’s daily post of her devotional pages, and figured she must have found God for whatever reason and she was so passionate about it.

Something kept leading me to Victoria, so I decided to message her directly, asking her if she could help me find my way to God, and teach me what I needed to do. She immediately sent me her contact information and  was more than willing to teach me the word of God, amen. This is when I learned about what her life had become, and how she found God, and was now a Christian life coach, helping women just like me find God, so they can finally heal. She told me she was honored I chose her for this important journey, and always knew I was special from the moment she met me, so many many years ago. I believed her to spite not wanting to believe people anymore. I now know, God had this plan all along.

Victoria started working with me and praying her heart out for me, first to be able to wean myself off of the medication safely. I successfully got off all of the medication‘s with no bad withdrawls and started feeling better than I ever did ON the medications. That was the first miracle I witnessed, of what Jesus can do, through prayer and faith. I will not lie, having to actually feel the pain and emotions after being numb for so many years hurt like hell, but Victoria guided me and assured me the pain was part of the healing and to be patient, Jesus has me in his hands and will heal me in his timing and to not lose faith.

Victoria continued to work with me through all the darkness and negativity, my heart had filled up with. First thing she did, was send me a copy of the beautiful daily devotional she was reading. That book made such a difference in my life. I wanted to keep learning more about Jesus, and what he does, when you commit to his word. I was hospitalized (mental) for a week in 2020 and the only thing that kept me going in there, was my Bible and devotional, I insisted they let me keep it near me. It made me feel safer. I started to share my daily readings with other patients, and they started to feel inspired by my journey and my faith, despite where we all were and why.

Here I am in the year 2023, a much happier, thriving, joyful child of God. He saved me, literally pulled me from my grave, broke off most of my self created chains, and gave me a new heart and soul to love and praise him with for the rest of eternity.
I now only live to serve him, and never felt this much, faith, love, peace,  joy and passion for anything in my life. Jesus changed my life, which is creating a chain reaction to those around me. I am breaking two sides of generational curses with Jesus as my defender. Satan is running scared now, I am anointed and unstoppable now. I think Jesus for keeping Victoria at my reach all of these years, so when God found me, he knew who would help me find my way back home to my holy father.

I know now none of my horrific experiences and pain will be in vain. This is my testimony of how God performs miracles out of the suffering, and how faith in him and following his word can change your life. He sends angels like Victoria to guide us. Victoria, has also helped me see how God has been here all along. I was just too blinded by Satan’s tricks and had to go through the fire and darkness to get to the light. It was just the path I had to take to become who God always intended me to become and get the heart I have now, to be able to help many others find their way to Jesus and get out of the grips of darkness, just like Victoria did for me. Amen

Praise Jesus
Thank You,
Yvette Davis